new and much improved!

January 26, 2015

Welcome to the new If you’re a subscriber, you’ve probably already noticed a big change: the site has been reorganized to be easier to navigate and we’ve made some graphic design improvements. But that’s not all. Starting today, we’ve made every automobile listing absolutely free. You’ll never again have to pull out your credit card to get access to a car’s Green Score.

We hope that you will encourage your friends and relatives to check us out, and consider a car’s long-term costs and environmental impact along with all the other features a car buyer wants in a new car. Not to mention that cars with a high Green Score get better parking spots at LEED-certified buildings!

Since 1998, when we added a companion website to our yearly editions of our “Green Book” in paperback, we’ve offered our annual Green Scores as a subscription service to help fund the considerable amount of research and work that goes into them. Without those subscriptions, we may not have been able to tend to this project so consistently, for so many years. To all of you who have subscribed, whether for a month a year, or several years, we at offer you our warmest thanks.

Please take some time to check out our new site. We welcome your feedback on our contact page